Library and Publications

Library of the Islamic Foundation of Ireland has a large selection books on Islam in Arabic, English and Urdu. It also provides material on Islam, Islamic civilization, the Muslim community in Ireland and the Muslim world for studies and research. There are also free copies of the Qur'an and literature on Islam in English, Arabic, Urdu, French, Bosnian, Albanian and other languages are available for those who request them. The Library also stocks a selection of the audio-visual material: Cassette and video recordings of the Qur'an and lectures. Borrowing facility is available, please enquire further with the office by email or phone 01 - 4533 242.

In addition to the IFI Library, below you can find a selection of books and publications available for download.



The Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h)

The Qur'an

Pillars of Islam